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  • Welcome to

    Purpose and content of this website is the homepage of a model building association called "Modellbauclub RC-Boote". We try to offer a vast amount of information about ship model making of every kind. We try to cover all model branches in terms of water in the broadest sense: Sailing boats, race boats, seaplane, hovercraft and so on.

    It's our goal to give the ship model making in Austria (new) impulses and to offer every interested person - no matter if you are from Vienna or from Vorarlberg - one platform to exchange information about this beautiful hobby. This homepage is being operated by a bunch of enthusiastic model makers, who invested a lot of time in this online presence. Of course, also you can help us e.g. by filing new weblinks or writing articles. Therefore its necessary to register at our portal (for free, of course). Everything you can see here was made by volunteers free of charge and without any commercial hidden agenda. If you want to become part of our association, you'll find the necessary information in our download area (currently only in German).

    At the moment almost everything on this homepage is being held in German, because it would be too much effort to translate everything into English for a very small audience. If you are interested in some special information in English, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form. If you have interesting offers for our club members, just contact our club board under the following address: We hope, you will enjoy our "online harbor" and wish you a pleasent day!

    Bo(a)rd of the "Modellbauclub RC-Boote"

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    Diese Probleme liegen außerhalb unseres Bereichs; viele andere User berichten über gleiche Problem unter iOS8; auch die aktuellste Version 8.1 hat hier leider keine Verbesserung gebracht. Diverse Tipps aus dem Internet (temp. Dateien löschen, Gerät resetten,... haben keinen sichtbaren Effekt auf unseren Testgeräten gezeigt). Unter iOS7 gab es diese Probleme noch nicht.

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